Hello, my name is Jon Chan @jonhmchan

I'm a technology evangelist living in New York City, and I currently work as a software developer at Stack Overflow. I am also the creator of Bento. I'm passionate about startups, building communities, and creating new technologies.

Bullet Points + Blog

These are the things that I really enjoy doing. If you want to see how I could help you or you could help me, just keep going down the page - there's a whole section for it.

  • Building stuff and forming communities
  • Speaking and demoing
  • Organizing events such as hackathons
  • Learning and teaching tech
  • Eating really good food and drinking a lot

Current Projects + How You Can Help

First thing is to follow me at @jonhmchan

These are the things I'm currently involved in on my free time. I have it here so people can offer their help, especially for things in bold. The best way to contact me is through Twitter @jonhmchan or by email me@jonhmchan.com. I'm also almost always happy to chat for about 15 minutes.

Contact Me

Want my help or want to help me? Tweet at me at @jonhmchan or send me an email at me@jonhmchan.com. I'm almost always available for a quick 15 minute chat, or something in person if in NYC.


First big hit. A site I made that helps people learn how to code.

  • Looking to demo / talks in NYC
  • Partnerships with other organizations (i.e. Code.org)
  • Community building
  • Increasing donations
  • Increasing traffic

Tech Education

Deeply involved in technology education, mostly as a teacher.

  • Teaching a dev class (i.e. General Assembly) or personal tutoring
  • Blogging on tech education (becoming a thought leader)


Building a tech-powered API LGBT community. 1200+ members.

  • Marketing within tumblr
  • Public video chat rooms
  • Integration of technology services
  • Partnership with Daniel Magazine
  • Partnerships with other organizations


I like helping startups, mostly by providing some advice.

  • Finding events in NYC to speak at (i.e. demos, panels, meetups, brown bags)
  • Mentoring startups in NYC and beyond

Learning Glass

I got a pair of Google Glass so I can develop Glassware.

  • NYC Glass Developer community?
  • Learning Android
  • Learning Java
  • Getting a cool dev environment with Sublime Text?